Schraubenwerke Meusel GmbH & Co. KG

Threaded versions

Wood thread
Fast construction threads
All types of dowel threads on request
Multistart wood and dowel threads
Nail threads to customer's request
Special thread profiles to drawings
Knurling of all kinds on request

DIN 571 Screws (on request)

Size range:
Ø 5 mm bis Ø 20 mm
Length von 20 mm bis 400 mm
increased length to 1000mm on request

to customer specifications

Stainless steel

Knurled screws

Screw designs and head shapes

Dowel screws
Ø 5 mm bis Ø 10 mm
Length von 60 mm bis 365 mm
with different head shapes

Wood construction screws
Ø 4 mm bis Ø 16 mm
Length von 40 mm bis 360 mm

Ø 3,3 mm bis Ø 7 mm
Length von 40 mm bis 340 mm

Collar screws
Ø 5 mm bis Ø 10 mm
Pressured washers
Internal drive

Metric screws
outside the norm z. Bsp.: M 7 oder M 11

Headless threaded parts
Wooden screw clamp
Welding ends

Distance- and adjusting screws

Standard screws on request


Hanger bolts