Schraubenwerke Meusel GmbH & Co. KG

Schraubenwerke Meusel GmbH & Co. KG in Hannover/Langenhagen

Schraubenwerke Meusel GmbH & Co. KG - fastening and fixing technology

We are consulting, development partner and first address in solving problems in the area of the anchor bolts and fasteners with screws. Our products and trading partners are represented worldwide.

The high level of manufacturing expertise allows it to create us screws and parts in all conceivable forms of head, shank and threaded versions and strength classes. These are made from a wide variety of form materials and can be covered with different surface finishes.

The continuous auditing by our customers and our constant striving to be better, bring forth a high degree of manufacturing expertise.

Take advantage of our expertise and experience in the field of manufacture of fastening and connecting elements, as well as the resulting quality products to your advantage.